My Story

Elsie Hornblum

I haven't always been tidy. When I lived with roommates after college, my bedroom was so messy it was impossible to see the floor. I was constantly tripping over unpacked bags, dirty laundry, and stacks of half-full boxes. When I came across Marie Kondō's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was intrigued, and what started off as a skeptical tidying marathon soon became an excited tidying frenzy. For me, it was completely life-changing.


My life began to simplify itself and one thing because clear: I loved tidying. It was infectious. As I shared my journey with family and friends, they started tidying too. My life was filled with so much joy that I wanted to spread it as much as I could. So I attended the Consultant Certification Course in New York, it was another life-changing event being taught by Marie Kondō herself and other highly experienced consultants. I passed the exam six months later after completing extensive practice sessions with clients. 


Becoming a Certified KonMari Consultant and helping others tidy their lives is the most rewarding work I have done. With each new client, I see the KonMari Method transform lives in new and exciting ways. Helping others find what sparks joy for them is my passion.

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